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Many people are looking for a way to either replace their current source of income or supplement it. Being a Design Valet Affiliate is a great way to earn extra income without all the stress and hassle.


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No Selling Required

You never have to call or convince anyone. Absolutely no telemarketing.

No Design Skills Needed

You spread the word and we do the work. No design background required. 

Excellent Income Potential

Earn great initial commissions and very good residual income.

Set Your Own Schedule

Work when you want to. You set your own hours/work schedule.


Limitless Potential

The more you produce the more you can earn. No earnings caps or gimmicks.

Work From Anywhere

No commuting to an office. You can work from the comfort of anywhere.

A Great Side Hustle & More

Imagine an extra-income resource that allows you to stay at home or work from anywhere. It doesn’t have to interfere with anything else you’re doing and requires no selling, telemarketing, or closing. There’s no ‘boss’ looking over your shoulder. You simply promote our company and services to others — friends, family, associates, local businesses, social media, etc. You decide. That’s all.

We handle the selling (unless you possess that skillset) and most of all, WE do the actual design work and client management. You get paid each time a referral/lead of yours purchases eligible services from us.

It’s that simple. No tricks, gimmicks, or fine print.

The Process

Design Valet


Head over to DVA 101 to learn more about being a Design Valet Affiliate!

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