The Design Valet Affiliate

Interested in a source of extra income that doesn’t interfere with your other activities, but could become a major revenue stream? Keep reading…

What An  Affiliate Does.

A Design Valet Affiliate’s (DVA) job is to promote Design Valet and its services to businesses, entrepreneurs, personal circles, etc., through conventional and innovative means, including but not limited to Personal Networking, Social Media, Emails, Ground Promotions, etc.

DVAs may employ a wide range of promotional strategies, so long as they are 100% ethical/legal, and do not negatively affect Design Valet.

As a DVA, your main objective is to CREATE BUZZ and drive as many potential clients to our company as possible via our website, direct phone line, and email address. Absolutely NO cold-calling or speaking with potential clients is required on your part, though you may pursue those methods if you have the desire and skill set to do so.

You are your own supervisor. There is no one telling you when, how, or where to promote. You don’t commute to an office.

Design Valet Affiliate

What Makes A Great Affiliate?

The graphic/web design industries are multi-billion dollar behemoths, filled with massive revenue and opportunity. Our objective is to establish Design Valet as “the” concierge of design services. Delivering great design work isn’t enough, we want to help our clients achieve their goals and win. To that end, we seek Affiliates who embody POSITIVE characteristics that influence success.

High/Enthusiastic Energy

Enthusiasm is a pillar of manifestation and can be infectious. It helps maintain positivity, motivation, and drive.

Great Personality

Pleasant energy always wins the day. No one wants to work with a negative person, and neither do we.

STRONG Work Ethic

Hard work and massive activity can yield insane results. The more work one puts in, the larger the rewards.


The ability to use what you have to achieve objectives is a powerful skill. Challenges can also be loads of fun. 

Team Player

Business is no place for loners. It takes a team to accomplish big goals, and DVAs are part of the Design Valet team. 

Super Motivated/Consistent

Low motivation breeds poor results. We seek the energy highly motivated individuals bring to the table.

How a DVA Earns …

Pay Is COMMISSION Based (Results-Driven Income)

Our Affiliate program operates on a results-driven earnings module, which means affiliate income is in direct proportion to the results they produce. Each referral/lead an affiliate generates that buys services from us, they receive a commission. The more effective you are, the more you can earn. It’s a WIN-WIN collaboration.

A Unique Promoter ID

You receive a unique ID number that activates discounts for referrals and leads. This provides MAXIMUM INCENTIVE for them to use your ID number, which is required for you to receive credit for purchases. Everyone wants to save $$$.

Residual Commissions / Passive Income

Your commissions don’t stop with just one sale. If a referral/lead continues to purchase services from us, you will earn a residual commission on every service sale for as long as they remain a client of ours and you remain a DVA. Imagine numerous long-term referrals. Passive Income!

DVAs Who Can Negotiate / Close Deals

DVAs with the skills to negotiate and close deals can earn higher first sale/residual commissions. They must obtain our approval to negotiate deals with potential clients and exit the designer/client relationship completely once the deal is closed. That said, we encourage individuals to use the skills they have.

Marketing Resources

For proven DVAs interested in a more sales-oriented approach, that involves speaking with potential clients, we may provide a unique email address, i.e., John or Jane, as well as an individualized, one-page website that would direct potential leads to us. Any leads inquiring through that website would be attributed to that specific DVA. 

DVAs may request source files for Design Valet marketing materials (flyers, cards, etc.), but we do not purchase marketing materials for DVAs unless they are highly effective. In turn, we may ask affiliates to use materials we provide to promote special offers or promotions and they too may decline a promotional request. 

DVAs who want to purchase promotional print materials themselves (through their own sources), may do so, and we will provide the designs free of charge.

Design Valet


Commission??? Why not a regular salary?

For an affiliate position like this, a commission pay structure makes the most sense, because payouts are a direct reflection of the DVA’s efforts and effectiveness. It also removes any sort of salary caps or limitations. There is no way for either of us to waste the other’s time or resources.

What characteristic do the most successful DVAs have?

The DVAs who employ a MASSIVE ACTION approach get the best results by FAR. They are HARD WORKERS who use multiple strategies at once. They don’t stop at telling 10 people, they tell 200. These individuals make contact with businesses and entrepreneurs every single day. The have insane work ethics.

What are residual commissions?

Residual commission means that after you receive your initial commission from a paying lead or referral’s first project with us, you will continue to receive commission payments on every service that the client purchases from us for as long as you are a DVA.

Do you handle my tax withholdings and such?

No. Design Valet Affiliates (DVAs) are independent contractors and therefore are responsible for managing any taxes and/or other IRS business associated with their commission compensation. Depending on the amount of money a DVA earns, we may be required to forward a 1099 and will do so.

Is there a quota I need to meet?

Not at all. There are no quotas. The Design Valet Affiliate position is tailor-made for self-starters, and potential income is relative to the amount of work put forth. We’re not interested in individuals we have to pressure to put in the work. If someone isn’t self-motivated, this is not the position for them.

Do I get paid even if I don't produce any paying leads?

No. If you don’t produce leads who buy services, there is no income for you to draw a commission from. The only way an affiliate can earn an income is by generating leads or referring potential clients who purchase our services.  Otherwise, we’d be paying ineffective affiliates who don’t produce results.

Do Most DVAs Earn A High Income?

Unfortunately, most individuals who sign-up DO NOT earn high commissions. This is mostly because many don’t follow through at any level. There is a “get paid first/work later” mindset. This is NOT our model. To get paid, our affiliates MUST produce RESULTS, so there is no room for laziness or playing around. This filters out a high percentage of applicants.   

Do I need a marketing background? Is this complex work?

NOT AT ALL! An affiliate’s job is to simply spread the word, and this can be as simple as letting friends, family, associates, etc., know that you are connected to a graphic design company and have a discount code. Some DVAs go further with calls, flyers, social media, etc. It’s 100% your choice.

Can this position lead to other opportunities?

ABSOLUTELY! Affiliates possess various skills, and if those skills are developed enough and are compatible with a skill set we (or an associate of ours) can use, we will offer you a spot on a project or refer you to someone else. The pay in this case would be structured differently from a DVA commission.

I'm a good negotiator/closer. Can I bring deals to you?

Sure! If you can identify leads, negotiate the deals (per our prices/policies), and bring them to the table ready to move forward, then we certainly wouldn’t object. You would earn twice the normal commission & residual but would exit the project after it closes. 

How much can an affiliate earn?

It can vary greatly, because affiliates vary. Some are serious, energetic,  go-getters and unfortunately, some are not. The go-getters, especially those who focus on higher ticket services like web design, can earn substantial income. Those who approach it with an uninspired work ethic don’t do well.  

Do I set my own hours?

Yes! One of the benefits of being an affiliate with us, is that you control your work volume. You can market as often or as little as you like, with the understanding that your earnings potential is tied directly to your efforts. If you put in the work you will see results, if you do not, you will not.

Do I report to a location? Do you provide equipment?

No and no. This is a remote position, as many of our affiliates are in different states and cities, and focus their promotional efforts on their home regions. We do not provide phones, computers, or any other equipment.  Read above for information on our policy regarding promotional materials.

What Are The Cons To Becoming A DVA?

We don’t believe there are any cons. Some may bulk at the commission-based pay structure, but we don’t believe in paying for zero-results performance. If an applicant can truly do the job effectively, commission pay shouldn’t be an issue. However, for those who are accustomed to paychecks regardless of results, our structure might be viewed as a con, although it isn’t. 



When it comes to marketing & promoting, strategies vary from one affiliate to another. Some prefer not to interact with anyone personally, while others gravitate toward an extroverted approach. There is no right or wrong way. It depends on the affiliate, their comfort level, etc. BELOW are a few methods that have proven effective.

PLEASE NOTE: We DO NOT provide any formal marketing training. Sources like YouTube, Instagram, and Google provide near-limitless access to FREE marketing/promoting tips and strategies.

Social Media/Forums

Posting comments, digital flyers, links, samples, etc., on various social media & Internet platforms.

Personal Networking

Soliciting family, friends, and associates. Asking them to tap into their social circles and networks.

Call Marketing

Calling local/regional businesses to inquire about their need for graphic and web design services.

Email Marketing

Emailing offers and inquiries to businesses, organizations, etc. Being careful not to spam nor harass.


Fearlessly using social situations of all types to introduce the company and its services to new people.

Grass-root Campaigning

Hardcore door-to-door, person-to-person marketing. Flyers, business cards, etc.

The most important tip of all is to embody integrity, a rock-solid work ethic, and a POSITIVE attitude. Serious individuals are taken seriously, and reap serious rewards.

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